Phone: (808) 675-3536
   Fax: (808) 675-3528

SCOUT Access

How Do I Gain Access to “SCOUT”?

  • Call Testing Services (675-3536) and ask the System Administrator to set up an account for you with your user name (usually your BYU–Hawaii Net ID), password and the departments you need to access (i.e. MATH if you teach math).
  • From your Windows desktop, go to “Start/Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt” (OR, go to Start/Run and type “cmd”).
  • From the command prompt, type “telnet” (which is the SCOUTH IP address).
  • From the “Welcome” window, enter your user name and press the key.
  • Enter your password and press.
  • You now have access to the FACULTY MENU.
  • Be sure to type “OFF” to logout of SCOUT when you are done.

Faculty Item Menu Descriptions

  • Score Report: Input individual student name or ID to see actual test scores from current or previous semesters (restricted to all classes in the departments in which you teach).
  • Display of Answers: Enter special password and answer sheet barcode # to display student's items missed on a test (you can also display the correct answer on your screen and compare it to the student's answer).
  • Score Corrections: Use this menu to make corrections of scores for individual students.
  • Cross-Score Test Sheet: Use this option to “cross score” a student's test with all forms of the same test (i.e. a student who may have been graded using the wrong form of the Michigan test).
  • Student Authorizations: You can authorize students to make up exams and also take exams late. Your authorization will show on our intake screen when we distribute exams to students and will provide them a “no-hassle” check-in experience.
  • Test Statistics-Counts: This screen shows you on-going statistical analysis for student test scores “in progress.” It allows you to see the number, mean and standard deviation of all test scores recorded thus far. It also provides a listing of all questions missed by 50% or more of your students.
  • Test Scales/Answers: Gives you access to your test answer key on your computer. It allows you to make corrections or review answers with students.
  • Download Files: Allows you to download student names and test scores to your PC.