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Do you know that:
  • you need to have a photo ID in order to take a test?
  • the last test is given 60 minutes before the Testing Center's closing hour?
  • you must abide by the University's Code of Honor and Dress and Grooming Standards?

Take some time to learn about these policies. Save yourself from experiencing unnecessary troubles.

What you must bring?

  • Your BYU–Hawaii ID or a photo ID (No ID, no test)
  • Your own Number 2 pencil(s) and pen
  • A jacket or sweater in case you get cold


What you must prepare for checking in?

  • Your ID
  • Your teacher's name
  • Course name (section # may be needed occasionally)
  • Name of test


Notebooks, bags, backpacks, purses, hats, watches, food, drinks, radios, cell phones, tape recorders, and other electronic devices are NOT permitted in the testing area.

The University is NOT responsible for any personal items you leave on the shelves.

The last test is given out 60 minutes before closing. Also, all tests must be completed at least 5 minutes before closing.

Absolutely NO talking, eating, or drinking is allowed at the testing area. Students may be fined for writing on tests unless instructed to do so.

You must abide by the University's Code of Honor and Dress and Grooming Standards. Any cheating, plagiarism, or use of any unauthorized aid will be reported to your teacher and/or the Honor Code Office for disciplinary action. If the violation is confirmed, the instructor must fail the student for the course in which the violation occurred, and report the action to the Honor Code Office. A single violation of the Honor Code may be grounds for dismissal from the University. Remember that you are on your honor. Test questions and answers must not be discussed with students who have not yet taken the test.