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Online, Distance or Independent Study Exam

As a community service, we are happy to assist individuals taking courses through online distance education and/or independent study and who need exams proctored in a controlled environment where examinees are properly identified and monitored during their exams.

To make arrangements for BYU–Hawaii to proctor exams, you should first contact the university/institution through which they are enrolled for courses and provide them with the following information:

Testing Center
BYU–Hawaii #1884
55-220 Kulanui Street Bldg 5
Laie, Hawaii 96762-1293

Phone: (808) 675-3777 or (808) 675-3536
Office Manager/Proctor: Candice Tupou


Before we can proctor your exam, a formal agreement must be reached between BYU–Hawaii and the university/institution in which you are enrolled. This agreement must cover not just you, but future students enrolled that would like to have exams proctored at BYU–Hawaii. Due to our mission and other responsibilities, we cannot enter into special agreements for each individual examinee and/or each individual examination.


If your university/institution approves, you will be monitored in a large room with controlled access which is dedicated to testing at BYU–Hawaii (there will be other individuals taking a variety of tests at the same time in the same room). We do not provide individual proctoring of exams or private testing rooms. We will provide a quiet environment with acceptable test-taking conditions, including appropriate lighting, temperature control, and noise restrictions.

Computerized Exams

On a space-available basis, we can provide limited internet access for some exams. The test/system requirements must be cleared in advance with the BYU–Hawaii Testing Services administrator. We cannot download programs or software to accommodate individual testing needs. Due to the time and effort involved, we upgrade our computers only once a year during summer months to update system software and accommodate programs needed by our BYU–Hawaii students.

Cost or Postage and Handling

If the university/institution in which you are enrolled provides a postage pre-paid envelope to return your test materials, there will be no cost for this proctoring service. If the university/institution in which you are enrolled does not provide a postage pre-paid envelope, you are responsible for the mailing/shipping costs.

Scheduling and Hours

Generally, you may take exams anytime that the Testing Center is open. Please call the Testing Center in advance ((808) 675-3536) to make sure that your test materials have arrived and we are open and available on the day and time you plan to take the exam.


A valid driver’s license, state ID or other ID with your photo and signature is required.

Behavior or Dress and Grooming

BYU–Hawaii is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Individuals who come on campus will be asked to abide by the University’s dress and grooming standards. Please dress modestly when you visit campus and use our testing facilities. No smoking is permitted anywhere on campus. Further information can be obtained on the Honor Code site.

Location or Maps and Information

The Testing Center is located in McKay Building room 115 (across from the Joseph F. Smith Library). See this map of the McKay Building.