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Mission Statement

The mission of BYU—Hawaii Testing Services is to help faculty, students and community measure academic and individual progress, including personal interests and career potential through accomplishing the following specific goals and objectives:

Operation and Management of Facilities

  • Operate Testing Center facilities that are available at convenient times to serve both faculty and students and to increase faculty instructional time and student contact.
  • Monitor all out-of-class testing at designated testing facilities on campus which includes the Testing Center, Computer Testing Room, satellite testing areas during peak usage times, placement testing areas, and other special group testing.
  • Schedule, administer and/or score both out-of-class and in-class tests according to instructions and guidelines established by both faculty and the BYU–Hawaii administration.
  • Follow strict test security procedures and maintain the confidentiality of all testing materials and faculty reports.
  • Archive testing data needed by students, faculty and the BYU—Hawaii administration.
  • Select, train, and supervise Testing Center personnel.

Improve Instructional and Testing Quality

  • Provide all BYU–Hawaii faculty and instructors with the best possible testing resources available to help improve the quality of instruction in the classroom.
  • Generate faculty reports on results of tests administered and/or scored by Testing Center personnel.
  • Make available to all BYU–Hawaii faculty and instructors sufficient resources to create quality test question item banks, generate multiple forms of exams, and measure the effectiveness of each test question item.
  • Assist faculty and staff in conducting surveys to obtain valuable information and feedback in areas of instructional and administrative concern, including overall course and instructor evaluations.
  • Provide training and other information necessary to familiarize and assist faculty and administrators with the use of testing facilities and resources available on campus, which are designed to improve instructional quality.

Provide Other Testing Services as Needed 

  • Coordinate and administer Foreign Language and Independent Study tests for students and community.  
  • Provide other testing, assessment, and evaluation services as needed to assist BYU—Hawaii students, faculty, and/or staff, as well as the community.